Top 5 Cafes for Breakfast in Bucharest

One of the best part in traveling is making stops in the local cafes. Bucharest is such an amazing city that is full of different cafes, as for lovers of sweets, up to vegetarian cuisine. As they say, the most important meal is breakfast, so I present the top 5 places in Bucharest with delicious breakfasts.



Photo by Alexandra Bocheliuk

The cafe is located right in the heart of Bucharest, in Old Town. Grand Café Van Gogh is known not only for a variety of delicious food but also for breakfasts, which starts from 8:30 till 12:00. This schedule is good for those people, who are not early birds. You can find variety of dishes for breakfast starting from classical morning meal as omelette and typical Dutch dessert as apple pie. Grand Café Van Gogh is a perfect place for your morning coffee, because this café is hosted in a historical building, so it has a wonderful atmosphere and views, which is very necessary for Instagram fans.




The next Instagram-worthy and healthy café is Frudisiac, which is located in one of the most beautiful and quite area of Bucharest – Dorobanți. Frudisiac would be perfect place for people who keep their diet or prefer to start their morning with healthy meal. There you will find a lot of healthy food like granola with yogurt or the softest pancakes with jam and many others dishes. The food in Frudisiac is light, so you can choose a different type of breakfasts and try them all. Moreover, you have no chances to miss this place, because the smell of the freshest breakfast will draw you into it.



Photo by Adrian Ionut Kopacz

If you are a lover of authentic French breakfasts, this place is for you. They have a wide range of fresh bread, pastries and all kinds of poached eggs. This café has a very unusual concept because this place is located in a crowded area near to Calea Floreasca, but when you come there you feel so relaxed and cozy. It is the right place to start your lazy morning with a cup of coffee and croissant.



Photo by Cristina Maria Podoreanu

Ză Local is a friendly and warm place located close to Piata Victoriei on famous Victoriei Street. If you are a lover of pancakes and burgers, you will not skip this place. Due to the fact that the place is a bit away from the center, you can enjoy the calm atmosphere. Ză Local provides you an excellent wine card that perfectly fits with their desserts. Not every restaurant can give you good energy, but this small cafe fully energizes you and gives a good mood for the whole day.




If you are visiting Bucharest in summer, you will be welcomed to the perfect spot for breakfast or brunch. Simbio is one of the most visited places in Bucharest. Thanks to the spacious backyard, you will enjoy your breakfast right in rays of the sun. You will discover a very different type of food here. Interesting food combinations will make your breakfast memorable: starts from Asian beef or the grilled halloumi-toast and finished by a vegetarian menu. Delicious food makes life brighter, so do not miss the chance to visit this place.

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