Romanian Designers Surprise Again and Again…

There’s an American expression that says: “You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression”. Not everyone knows how high-quality and beautiful clothes can change a person. Clothes can develop self-confidence of human and also his internal state. Moreover, Romania is one of those countries, where you can find the perfect price-quality ratio. Last years in the Romanian market have appeared new designers, who are ready to tranform people looks in a better side. I present to your attention the young Romanian brands that surprise with their new and stylish outfits.

Photo: @moja_ro is an online concept store with a huge number of different Romanian designers. The founder of is Alis Gheorghita. As the founder of the store says, the name makes a lot of sense, because from the Swahili language «Moja» is translated as «unique». This store provides a huge selection of clothing for various outfits. If you were looking for a good quality online shop, this is for you. The main feature of this store is that you will find unique things that you will not find in the shopping centers. Hurry up and collect your special outfit.



Photo: @murmurclothing

The most important things are hidden in the details and this is true. No doubts that Andreea Bădală, the founder of MURMUR clothes knew this. The design of clothes Murmur is aimed at underlining feminine silhouettes, therefore there are many details such as bra cups, suspenders, and perforations. This kind of clothes will give sexuality and uniqueness to different outfits due to creating feminine visual angles.


INFSD Swimwear

Photos: @infsd.swimwear

INFSD is the freshest brand of swimsuits, created by Romanian fashion bloggers – Alina Ceușan, Carmen Grebenișan and etc. This brand will attract your attention at first side because it is not typical swimsuits. They focused to make high quality printed swimwear so you can wear it not only for swimming but also for a party look with high waisted jeans. Moreover, they have a big amount selection of swimsuits: from neon colors to Outlandish collection, which was inspired by nature. So don’t miss the chance to find the perfect swimsuit for your next trip.




Be careful, lovers of details, this brand is for you. A young talented designer Anamaria Prelipcean, at the age of 23, started her business in such a difficult area. The main feature in this brand are the metal elements, chantilly laces, lining buckles, lurex accessories with chains and metal zippers, as well as leather and latex accessories. The clothes are very simple, but they are decorated with a detailed technique that makes them masterpieces.


Design by Marisa Paloma

Photos: @marisapalomadesign

The craziest colors, prints, and design it is all about the young designer – Marisa Paloma. This young designer knows how to surprise you with new outfits. As a student in the Department of Fashion Design, she knows how to make bright and well-matched outfits. If you are a person, who like to stand out, you should check this brand. Incredible dresses and overalls in neon colors will make any outfit more interesting.

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