Four in Ten Romanian Millennials Want to Work in Corporations

More than four in ten (43.5%) young Romanian university graduates want to work in a big corporation and only 17.3% want to become entrepreneurs, according to Deloitte ‘First Steps into the Labour Market’ 2018 report.

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The study describes the views on work, life and education of more than 5,700 students and recent graduates from leading universities in 14 countries across the region.

Only 15.6% of Romanian millennials think that university graduates in the country are well prepared for professional work. However, 75% of the Romanian students wish to continue their education to a post-graduate level, compared to 39% across Central and Eastern Europe.

When choosing their jobs, Romanian millennials value first and foremost the opportunity to develop and acquire new skills (59.7%). An attractive salary is the second most important factor, selected by 10.4% of the respondents.

Nearly half of young Romanians (46.8%) wish primarily to become experts in their fields, while 35.6% wish to hold managerial positions in the future. When it comes to salary, only 17.4% of the respondents said they wanted to earn more than RON 3,500 and 8.1% aim to earn more than RON 4,500, most of whom are men planning to become managers. Women expect lower pay and are most likely to say that they want to earn up to RON 2,000, whereas men most often selected RON 2,501-3,000.

When it comes to moving abroad, just a little over 50% would move to another country for a job, slightly below the average across the region (56%).

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